Location Photography

A model’s portfolio is their resource to advertise their skills. This is what clients and casting directors will look at when deciding who they want to hire for jobs; after all, no one is going to hire a model if they don’t know what they look like! Creating a superior portfolio is one of the most important steps when breaking into the industry.


Remember that your portfolio is not designed for Facebook! It is designed to sell you as a professional model.


Different areas in the industry will look for different things; you want a diverse portfolio suited to as many people’s tastes as possible – not just yours! It will normally follow that the better quality and more adaptable a portfolio is, the more jobs a model should be offered and, therefore, the more lucrative the assignments will be. Substandard and unprofessional photos will not do. 

Male modelling has grown massively over the last few years and there are numerous areas to explore depending on your look. Male models with a slimmer build and a sharper look tend to gain success in high-fashion genres such as editorial, catwalk and designer. It’s important for all models to look after themselves; however, male models that have a muscular build are often perfect for fitness, health magazines, swimwear and underwear modelling. Catalogue and commercial modelling are always looking for male models with the boy-next-door look.

At Digital Productions FX we offer a wide range of location and green screen photography shoots.


Whatever the feel and nature of your pictures we have the ideal location on hand. We aim to capture the very natural look and feel to you pictures therefor we are not studio based.


All of our locations are London based , however we are happy to locate and use a location of your choosing. The background to your pictures is just as important as you; therefor careful consideration is taken by us to ensure that the right location is ideal for your project.


Our shoot time is usually set at 4hrs from the time of arrival. Within that time we would take an average of 200 professional prints. for you to select to build or add to your portfolio. A meeting would be held a week before the shoot to talk over your preferences and to guage a feel for what you aim to achieve from the shoot.


Your pictures will be available to view privately on this site 48hrs after your shoot is complete where you can inform us of the pictures that you require.